pushing bold climate legislation

The ESP - Climate Action working group promotes environmental justice and just transitions to renewable energy & technology. Our goal is to achieve strong legislation at the local, state & federal levels to mitigate the worst effects of climate change and achieve these important transitions.

With the Trump administration rolling back environmental protections and accelerating fossil fuel development at an alarming rate, we must do everything we can to push back. In addition to resisting this regression in federal policy, we want New York state to set an example for the rest of the country by passing progressive climate legislation.

We are a member of New York Renews and we support their legislative platform for New York state, which includes the Climate & Community Protection Act and a statewide carbon pollution penalty. The CCPA would mandate that N.Y. transition to 100% renewable energy sources by the year 2050, while providing support for low-income & frontline communities impacted by climate change. The carbon pollution penalty would tax local greenhouse gas emissions & fossil fuel imports into the state, putting a price on the heating of the planet and creating incentives for clean energy development.

We believe that any policy we pass must address the undue impacts of climate change on environmental justice communities. To combat climate change we must invest in new infrastructure and energy sources, and these jobs should go to communities that have suffered most under the fossil fuel economy.

Enroll in clean energy

Did you know that Con Edison customers can change their Energy Service Provider (ESP), which determines the source of their electricity? 350 NYC has recommended switching to CleanChoice Energy, which gets its electricity from wind & solar sources. You can sign up by following this link, or directly through your Con Edison account.