We Stand for equality, opportunity, and prosperity.

The Trump Administration is trotting out every scapegoat it can - immigrants, the poor, the big bad media - to distract Americans from our nation's growing inequality and the dislocations created by an ever-changing economy.

We don't buy it.

Walls won't stop the opioid epidemic in America. Muslim bans won't bring back manufacturing jobs. Talking tough about nuclear weapons won't make us any safer. And cozying up to Vladimir Putin and his cronies won't do any good for anybody.

Instead, we Empire State Progressives are fighting for a fairer and more prosperous future. We believe in robust public schools, free tuition for state colleges and universities, commonsense laws against financial fraud and speculation, and a fairer tax system where nobody pays federal taxes on the first $25,000 that they earn.

If you agree, join us. Help us Resist the Trump agenda, Rebuild the Democratic Party one election at a time, and Influence federal, state, and local policy through thoughtful, coordinated action.


Resist, Rebuild, Influence

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