welcome to the empire state Progressives!

We are a group dedicated to resisting the Trump agenda and pushing for progressive change in New York City and across the U.S. We aim to give people who would ordinarily stand on the sidelines an opportunity to get engaged with politics. We do that by identifying and prompting actions that we can all take as informed citizens. We have three main missions, each with its own "working group":

  1. Resisting the Trump/Republican agenda - directly pushing back by reaching out to our elected representatives, attending town halls, participating in demonstrations, protests, and other actions.
  2. Rebuilding the Democratic Party - pitching in on elections in all states and districts to strengthen the Left and win back power from the ground up, by phone-banking and volunteering for Democratic candidates, and encouraging and supporting progressive candidates to run for office.
  3. Influencing State & Local policy - fighting for a more progressive agenda in NY and NYC to make our city and state a better place to live, promoting a Democratic majority in both statehouses, and getting rid of the petty and corrupt "IDC" caucus.