NY City: End Broken Windows Policing

Call on DeBlasio, City Council, and DAs to End Broken Windows Policing

Policing of minor offenses like selling bootlegged DVDs and turnstile jumping (often called "broken windows policing") has long been decried by criminal justice reformers.  There's staggering amounts of data to suggest that people of color and their communities are disproportionately impacted by a focus on minor crimes that do not threaten public safety.  Last year, the City Council passed a law that moved some of these offenses, but not all, into the category of civil summons.  ((http://www1.nyc.gov/office-of-the-mayor/news/530-16/mayor-de-blasio-signs-criminal-justice-reform-act) However, the NYPD still have discretion in most cases. There is even more urgency to change the priorities of our police and prosecutors now that undocumented immigrants are being threatened with deportation because of arrests and convictions.


Contact Info:

  1. Call 311 or visit this link http://www.nyc.gov/html/static/pages/officeofthemayor/contact.shtml to lodge a request with the Mayor
  2. Find your City Council member here: http://council.nyc.gov/districts/
  3. District Attorneys:

Script - for all: "I'm calling to request that _____ end broken windows policing and de-prioritize the enforcement of minor offenses like turnstile jumping.  These activities do not threaten public safety and I'm concerned about NYC residents being caught in the criminal justice system unnecessarily, particularly now that arrests and convictions could lead to deportation for some of my neighbors. [For Mayor and City Council add:] I hope that your office will consider moving more offenses into the category of a civil summons, in addition to ensuring that the NYPD focus on other priorities.) [For DAs]: I hope that your office will consider an end to prosecuting these offenses.